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Important Dates:

Club Meeting

  • Wednesday, March 14th,
  • All club members or interested club parties need to attend the meeting Wednesday. We will be voting on Officers. Please email the Bowling Club representative if are unable to attend. NOTE: League and Competitive players are required to attend.   


  • Will be held at AMFon Wednesday at 5:20 pm at Boulevard Lanes, Edmond OK. Starting date will be decided at the meeting on Jan 18th.

Competitive Team

  • Practices: Thurs. & Sun. starting in Sept. @ 8:30 pm at AMF Boulevard Lanes, Edmond OK
  • Next Competition: Jan 14 SWIBC III - Baton Rouge, LA and Jan 21-22 Blue and Gold Classic - South Bend, IN
    ...see more on our Schedule!


The Constitution of the Bowling Club of the University of Central Oklahoma

September 6, 2011


Students desire the opportunity to develop and display competitive bowling skills while representing the University of Central Oklahoma and having the opportunity to compete against other University bowling organizations.



The name of this organization shall be Bowling Club (BC).



The purpose of the club is to bring UCO students, faculty, and staff together by encouraging healthy living, team building, and development of skills through recreational and competitive bowling opportunities. BC will work toward this goal by:

  1. Offering coaching, recreational, and competitive opportunities in bowling.
  2. Building foundation to provide opportunities for competing as a team against other universities.
  3. Promoting the club within the university, the community, and bowling organizations.
  4. Providing team leadership and organized meetings to ensure all its services in any way are fair to everyone.
  5. Ensuring a duty of care to all members of the club.



Section 1.        Eligibility. Membership will be available to UCO undergraduate and                                                             graduate students without regard to race, color, sex, national origin,                                                   religion, disability, or status as a veteran. Voting members must be current UCO students.

Section 2.        Member Selection. UCO faculty/administrators may join the club as "Associate Members". Associate members may not run for office and do not have voting rights.

Section 3.        Duties of the Members. All members will be subject to the regulations of the constitution and by joining the club will be deemed to accept these regulations and codes of practice that the club has adopted.

  • A. All members must pay an August- July annual membership fee of $10.00 due to the Treasurer.
  • B. Members who are current on their dues payment shall be classified as "active" members.
  • C. Only active members may participate in competitive club activities.
  • D. If any active member misses three weeks (three Wednesdays) they will be fined $5.00 and an additional $5.00 for each week after if they continue to miss.

Section 4.        Duties of the Advisor(s).

  • A. Advisors shall consist of at least one full-time faculty or staff member who agrees to serve the organization and must be present at each function including meetings held by the organization.
  • B. They shall be recommended by the Officers and the present membership.
  • C. Provide guidance to the operation of the organization and shall establish and maintain good relations with the UCO Administration.

Section 5.        Grade Point Average: All members must be in good standing with the University.

Section 6.        Organization/Department. The parent organization is the Kinesiology Club.


Article IV


Section 1.        Officers. The officers of the BC shall be President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Senator. Only student members shall serve as officers. The creation of additional officer positions (e.g. Co-President, etc.) must be approved by a majority vote of those present at the meeting and the advisor.

Section 2.        Term of Office.  All Officers shall be elected at the last meeting of the Spring Semester and serve for one year.

Section 3.        Duties of the Officers.

                        The duties of the President shall include:

  • A. Coordinating meetings of the club
  • B. Chairing all meetings of the club
  • C. Calling emergency meetings, pursuant to Article V. Section 5.
  • D. Providing leadership to the club.
  • E. Working directly with the Advisor to ensure the club is operating within the expectations of the University.
  • F. Acting as the chief spokesperson of the club.
  • G. Establishing an effective relationship with the Club Coordination Council, Student Activities Office, and other University administrative departments.

The duties of the Vice President shall include:

  • A. Assisting the President with the fulfillment of his/her duties.
  • B. Becoming familiar with pertinent University policies and procedures
  • C. Providing support for the development of club activities.
  • D. Working with the Treasurer to establish an annual budget for the club.

            The duties of the Treasurer shall include:

  • A. Keeping a record of all financial transactions.
  • B. Meeting with the Advisor on a regular basis to review account balances and financial transactions.
  • C. Preparing all budgets and financial budget requests/appeals.
  • D. Working with the Vice President to establish an annual budget for the club.
  • E. Maintaining detailed membership records, including the amount of dues collected from each member.

The duties of the Secretary shall include:

  • A. Keeping detailed minutes of all meetings
  • B. Coordinating the press relations of the club, including but not limited to: relations with UCO University Relations, the Vista, the Edmond Sun, flyers/poster approval, and maintaining the Club's web page.
  • C. Ensuring that all changes of officers are reported to the appropriate University officials.
  • D. Working with the Vice President to establish an annual budget for the club.

Section 4.        Eligibility of officers. All officers must be enrolled at the University of Central Oklahoma as an undergraduate or graduate student and be in good standing with the University.



Section 1.        Regular Meeting: The club shall meet at least three times per semester. A listing of meeting dates shall be established by the Officers and shall be posted on campus via flyers/posters, stampede week information booth and by email through University Relations no later than September 1.

Section 2.        Executive Board Meetings. Will be held directly following the members club meeting- after all members have left the meeting area.

Section 3.        Order of Business. latest addition of the Robert's Rules of Order

Section 4.        Quorum and Deposition of Minutes. A quorum for business meeting must be at least 50% plus one of the total memberships. Deposition of Minutes will be recorded by the Secretary and made available through an e-mail to members and advisor(s).

Section 5.        Required Notice of Meetings. Members will be given notice of scheduled meetings at the beginning of each school year. In the event that an emergency meeting of the club needs to be held, the President of the club shall have the authority to call such meetings. All officers must agree in advance to the emergency meeting and at least 24 hours notice must be provided to all active members and advisor by sending out both a voicemail and e-mail. Communication of emergency meetings will be the responsibility of the Secretary.

Section 6.        Advisors. One advisor must be present at every organizational meeting. One designated chaperone must be present at all social and entertainment programs.



Section 1.        Election Timeline. All Officers shall be elected at the last meeting of the Spring Semester and serve for one year.

Section 2.        Nominating and voting procedures.

  • A. Nominations will be held the meeting prior to the scheduled date of elections. Any active club member may nominate a fellow club member to any of the club officer positions, with the exception of the President position. Only members holding a current office position shall be eligible to run for the presidency of the BC-the President position must be nominated from a current officer. Nominations will only be accepted during the meeting prior to elections. Candidates can be nominated for more than one position and they may nominate themselves for a position if they are not nominated by another member.
  • B. Elections will consist of each candidate speaking for up to five minutes, followed by up to three minutes of questions and answers from the club membership. Only active members present at the meeting shall cast a vote, and only these votes shall count toward the computation of 50% + 1 required margin of election to office. The order of election shall be President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.
  • C. Run-Off Elections: In the event that no candidate receives at least 50%+1 of the vote of the currently active club members, a run-off election shall be held between the two candidates receiving the most votes.

•D.     In the event that an officer is judged to be deficient in his/her duties (as decided by a unanimous agreement of the three other club officers and advisor), he/she may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the club's membership. The Advisor shall oversee the impeachment process to ensure a fair and democratic process.

Section 3.        Administrative Board.

  • A. For each Officer position the board is responsible for taking and recording nominations as well as counting and announcing the voting results.
  • B. Responsible for disciplinary hearings of members who infringe the club rules/regulations/constitution.

Section 4.        Queen or sweetheart election: Not applicable

Article VII


Section 1.        Process of appointment. The Officers shall decide on an annual basis which committees need to be established in order to advance the club's position on campus.

  • A. All committee chairs will be appointed no later than April 15 by the Vice President.
  • B. All appointments must be approved by a majority of the Club Officers.
  • C. Only students may serve as committee chairs.

Section 2.        Responsibilities.

  • A. Responsible for adopting new policy, codes of practice, and rules that affect the organization of the club.
  • B. Responsible for disciplinary hearings of members who infringe the club rules/regulations/constitution. The Administrative Board will be responsible for taking any action of suspension or discipline following such hearings.
  • C. Keep the Club Officers and Advisor abreast of the plans and intentions of the committee.
  • D. Selecting members to serve on their respective committee.
  • E. Coordinating and chairing committee meetings, as needed
  • F. Responsible for taking and recording nominations as well as counting and announcing the voting results.




Section 1.        Amending the Constitution.

  • A. Amendments may be made to this constitution at any time.
  • B. Members interested in proposing amendments to the constitution must submit the proposed amendment to the President no later than 15 days before the Club's next meeting

Section 2.        Notice of Amendment. All regular proposed amendments to the Constitution and bylaws must be presented to the membership in a regular meeting and must be presented via e-mail at least two weeks before the vote on the amendments is taken.

Section 3.        Vote required to amend. An amendment must receive a two-thirds vote of the entire membership. The amendment must be submitted in writing and approved by the Director Campus Life before becoming effective.

Section 4.        By-Laws. Upon receiving a two-thirds affirmative vote in favor of a constitutional amendment/revision, the President shall submit the amendment/revision in writing to the Student Activities Office for review/approval.




Section 1.        UCO Handbook. The members of this organization expressly agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the University as stated in the UCO Handbook.

Section 2.        Finances. Monies collected and dispersed for the organization will be deposited and handled through the UCO Finance Office.

Section 3.        Interpretation of this constitution. In case of conflict which necessitates authoritative interpretation of the meaning of a student organization‘s constitution of such consequence that it cannot be settled in the organization, the conflict shall be submitted to the Director of Student Life.

Section 4.        This constitution shall go into effect upon approval of the Director of Campus Life, the UCO Student Association and the Vice President for Student Affairs.




The President and the Executive Committee shall be the official spokesmen for the organization. General inquires of a member by the press, community or by a college agency, concerning the organization, shall be referred to the President or Information Officers. All publicity, news releases and/or newspapers concerning UCO and its organizations must be cleared through the Public Information Office/ University Relations.